Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Opening Reception: THURSDAY, July 28th @ 6:30pm

...the trees in the forest.

Andrade, Carlos
Aronson, Leslie
Arpad-Cotta, Tori
Aviles-Antoneli, Lila
Balaban, Efe Sina
Balfe, Jenna
Beguiristain, Cuqui
Berger, Zach
Bibby, Sue
Bolagin, Asa
Boniche, Kathy
Brown, David
Brujis, Amalia
Byrne, Alicia
Calhoun, Harmony
Caraballo, Julia
Chael, Mari
Chang, Xiadong
Charles, Jolina
Choeff, Victoria
Cohen, David
Cohen, Karen
Cordova, Jessica
Corrales, Kevin
Corrales, Lindsay
Cotta, Obi
Cotta, Tolinka
Crane, Shannon
Cruz, Nancy
Cunha, Chad
De Torres, Nicoletta
Diez De Medina, Diego
Dominguez, Zeus
Dover, Theresa Lee
Duncan-Portuondo, Sebastian
Erminy, Aguasanta
Erminy, Alicia
Espinal, Ingrid
Ferguson, Charles
Fisher, Georgia
Flowers, Dwayne
Foo, Nicole
Franco, Carlos
Gallostra, Carlos
Garcia-Cerezo, Carolina
Garcia, Alicia
Garcia, Silvia
Gil, Alina
Gomez, Jairo
Gonzalez, Rene
Gottlieb-Roberts, Marilyn
Grinfeder, Flora
Grinfeder, Rita
Guerra, Susan
Hernandez, Heaven
Hernandez, Sebastian
Iregui, Amelia
Iregui, Cristina
James, Alexandra
Jinjin, Xu
Karsch, Ted
Krimm, Shannon
Kruschel, Anne Gret
Kruschel, Claudia
Labanino, Alvaro
Levy, Wren
Linares, Maria
Lipschutz, Sara F.
Lopez, Imanol
Lopez, Luna
Marosi, Daniel
Mathis, Emmy
McVay, Marcel
Montoya, Luis
Muñoz, Fredy L.
Muñoz, Johann
Murillo, David
Nemec, Edward J.
Nieto, Natalia
Nieves, Zuleyma
Niskin, Aaron
Nuñez, Juan P.
Ospita, Maria
Parra, Jenssy E.
Pellegrini, Bob
Perera, Christofer
Perisic, Jelena
Price, Carly
Ramirez, Alfie
Ramirez, Richard
Read, Gray
Requeny, Anissa
Requeny, Melissa
Rizio, Kim
Roa, Carlos
Rodriguez-Maribona, Mayra A.
Rodriguez, Raul
Ross Marx, Pat
Rozniewski, Deborah
Saeme, Vera
Sagehorn, Allison
Sainz, Tatiana
Saludes, Miguel Alejandro
Saurel, Betty
Scalise, Claudia
Scalise, Gloria
Shaw, John
Silverstone, Marissa
Silvestro, Mary
Sodamin, Magnus
Solari-Byrne, Camila
Soto, Hilarin
St. Hillaire, Jimmy
Syllien, Ronald
Tapasco, Janeth
Thompson, Laurence
Treus, Alberto Daniel
Turcios, Marvin
Vandenoever, Audriana Jane
Vasquez, Daniela
Villa, Nicolas
Wright, Kenya, Lily, Richard
Yuengling, Kayla
Zabaleta, Carolyn
Zuker, Rimona

Sunday, July 24, 2011

FOREST: Can You Tell a Tree From the Forest? by Alfredo Perez-Triff

Prof. Alfredo Perez-Triff writes about FOREST, presenting questions to consider when one experiences the exhibition. Click on the document for a larger view. 

The FOREST TALK will be held at the Miami Beach Library Branch.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

ARTLURKER Posts Forest

ARTLURKER posted FOREST. Call it an endorsement; an invitation to the event in the alluring words of art critic Tom Hollingworth. Go to the link below for more details.

CultureShock Miami Posts Forest

CultureShock Miami posted the Opening Reception information. Go to the links below for more details.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Forest Exhibit Invitations

Keep an eye out for our invites...

South Beach
Everglades Visitor Center

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Forest Exhibit Invite


FOREST will be a multi-venue exhibition opening July 28th, 2011, that explores the relationship between an original work of art and its most commonly consumed stand in: the copy. The project is open to professional artists as well as anyone interested in a communal conversation about the nature of visual communication. In addition to you, this invitation has been sent to hundreds of people: school children, physicians, librarians, musicians, mechanics, grandparents, teachers, nurses, bank tellers, and anyone willing to paint. FOREST will elicit a dialogue about paintings that are at once identical, and entirely different.

Enclosed is an image of a tree that we ask you replicate to the best of your abilities, in square format, in acrylic or oil paint, unframed, on canvas, paper or wood. The size range we ask that you limit your work to is 2”X2” as the smallest size to 20”X20” as the largest (and any size in between). Replicate the image to the edges as seen in the copy included in this invitation. Images that are not square cannot be exhibited, please make sure to measure your work before mailing it in. The exhibits will be arranged salon style, hung with basic wiring or double sided tape. Your name and contact information should be printed on the backside of the painting (name, occupation, e-mail address, and cell phone-- NO SIGNATURES IN THE FRONT PLEASE). The works will have no labels; part of the premise of this exhibition is the question of authorship. There will be a general list of artists at each venue. 

Because of the scale of this project, we ask that you send your painting ready to hang, if possible, either with double-sided tape, if your work is on paper or un-stretched canvas, or wired if on wood. If your painting is on a stretcher it is considered ready to hang. ­The number of works to be shown will limit our ability to insure them in case of loss, theft, or damage to the work. Keeping with the spirit of this project, the idea of each work being at once an original and a copy, we hope insurance concerns do not discourage your participation. There are also no guarantees as to the venue your work will be shown in. As venue decisions are made a list will appear on the blog. At the end of the show we will have pick up dates and location sent to you via e-mail. If you do not wish your work returned, please specify so on the backside with your contact information.

A discussion panel schedule for this exhibition will be posted and sent via e-mail.

Deadline for submissions is July 20th, 2011


300 NE 2nd AVE
Building 3, Room 3604-36
Miami, FL 33132

DROP-OFF (July 7th, ONLY):
FROM 9am – 2pm
Main Library - Lobby
101 West Flagler Street
Miami, FL 33130

We thank you in advance for your participation in FOREST.

If you have questions, e-mail us at forestexhibit@gmail.com   
or go to http://forestexhibit.blogspot.com/